Finding High Page Rank Pages Using Scrapebox

You all know I’m a big fan of Scrapebox. What I like about it, is that it’s not just a spamming machine (although it does that so well). It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for internet marketers. There’s other tools that try to do too much, and usually they fall flat on their face, but Scrapebox … It just does everything SO well, it really amazes me. If you don’t have a copy, get one NOW! Note: I never benefit from promoting Scrapebox. It’s just that good, that I want to spread the word.

Back to the topic at hand – using Scrapebox to find high page rank PAGES. Let me clarify this a little bit. There’s a mis-conception with page rank. I’m sure you’ve all seen the link packs being sold all over the web, like Angela’s Packets, and Paul’s packs, etc, etc. They market their products, stating that they can get you high PR sites linking back to you! This isn’t necessarily a blatant lie, it’s not the truth either. They are showing you high PR sites, but the pages you create (usually member profiles) have absolutely NO page rank. They aren’t indexed since you haven’t created them yet, so they couldn’t possibly have a page rank value. There is a HUGE difference between getting a link on a high PR *PAGE* compared to getting a link on a profile page (that has NO rank) that sits on a high PR *DOMAIN*. The links you get from creating a profile page on a high PR DOMAIN have NO rank, and you do not really get that high PR juice that they claim. I’m not saying they don’t work. A link is a link is a link. And sure, getting a link on a higher PR domain is better than getting a link on a site that doesn’t have any rank. Why? Mostly because if a domain has a high PR value, it’s probably getting spidered more often and you have a better chance of getting that profile indexed. Also – there’s some authority and/or trust factor that Google places on sites – so yes, it’s better than nothing. Another potential benefit is that some of these sites show their new member profile links on the home page. The home page DOES have PR (usually) and as long as it’s not a “no follow” link (50/50 chance there) – you might get that juice flowing to your profile – but usually that’s only a temporary placement, since new members will bump your link off the page quickly, and the SE spider has to have visited the exact moment that your link is shown for you to get the benefit (and it will only be temporary since the next time it spiders that page, it will see the link gone and potentially lower your rank due to the link velocity but that’s a whole other topic). Sorry for going on a rant there.

Okay – so now you know the difference between getting a link on a highly ranked PAGE versus getting a link on a highly ranked DOMAIN. There’s one other factor that will make a difference – and that’s the OBL – or outbound links. The more outbound links a page has, the more that link juice is getting divided. Let me explain; Let’s say there’s a Page A – and it has a rank of say 8. It has two outbound links on the page. Each one of those links get’s a value of 4 (more like 3.2 or something like that since it’s not going to send 100% link juice because some of it just evaporates but again, that’s a whole other topic). Let’s take that same page, Page A – and it now has 4 outbound links. Well, now each one of those links is going to have a value of 2. If that page has 50 outbound links on it, then you’ll only get 0.16 value. Get my drift? The more outbound links a page has, the less value those links are.

So – assuming I didn’t confuse you too much, the goal is to find high page rank PAGES, but also find those pages that have a LOW # of OBLs. Don’t worry though, it’s not that hard (especially with Scrapebox).

The easiest place to find high PR pages that will actually let you put your links on them are blogs and forums. The problem with both those platforms is that because it’s so easy to place your links on those pages, they are spammed heavily and therefore have a very high # of OBLs, making their PR value almost pointless. So you have to do some research to find the diamonds in the rough. Trust me, there are a LOT of them (you just need to know how to find them – which I’m teaching you now).

I’m going to take the diet niche as an example. I like to use forums for this exercise because it’s more likely to find gems and sometimes it’s easier to get a forum link than it is to get a blog comment approved.

So I just do a manual search in Google for “diet forums”. You use to be able to just search for diet forums, and then you could just click on forums on the left hand side, but now, for some reason, forums doesn’t seem to be an option to drill down. I don’t know why. Anyhow – I found and it was one of the top results so it seems to be trusted by google (as the diet niche is pretty competitive). What I do next is harvest all the indexed pages from that site. I do that by using Scrapebox’s custom footprint – and this is the footprint I use:

site:[domain here]

So for this example, it would be: site:

Keep in mind – when you are doing a custom footprint with no keywords – Scrapebox will only use one connection per search engine. Why is this important? It means it will only choose one proxy to use per SE. If that proxy is banned, you will get NO results (for that search engine). So you either need to use private proxies, or just keep trying to harvest with different proxies (public proxies may be blocked because other people are scraping google too). Another way to get all the urls of a site is by seeing if they have a sitemap – but I always use the site query because if the pages aren’t indexed, they are worthless anyway. Also – if it doesn’t come back with a lot of urls (you want at least 50 – a good site will have several hundred to several thousand) – then it’s not a big site and probably not that authoritative so I would move on to another site.

Once I harvest all the site’s links, I remove the duplicate URLs (NOT the duplicate domains because they all would be duplicates). Then I do a page rank check. You’ll want a lot of proxies for this (I use public ones because of the # of proxies you can utilize) because when checking thousands of links for PR – your IP’s might get banned (temporarily) and you won’t get good data.

So after checking the Page Rank of that site’s url list – I’ve now uncovered several PR 3 and PR 2 threads (remember – this is just an example and I’ve done zero research. If you take your time and look around, you’ll find forums and blogs that have much higher page rank threads and pages). So any one of these PR3 thread urls is worth a hundred times more than a new profile that will have NO page rank, even on a domain with PR8. So the next step is to import only the high PR urls into scrapebox. Export your list that now has the PR associated to each url – and make your edits. Remove all the n/a ranked pages and all the PR0 pages.. A PR1 page is still a good link if it has low # of OBLs so I’d keep those on the list. Also – there’s going to be a couple at the top – the index page of the forum (or just the domain name – the root URL) will have the highest PR value. You should remove that one too since there’s no way you’ll get your link on there unless you pay the owner. So now you have your list of high PR urls. Import that back into Scrapebox.

Now you can go to your add-ons in Scrapebox and run the Outbound Link Checker. It will tell you how many links there are on each page. You want to focus on the external links mostly. Every site is different so there’s no magic number to go by, but you should filter out the pages that have a lot more OBLs than the average. For this particular site, all the high PR pages have VERY little # of OBLs. This could mean two things – One: It’s a GOLDMINE. Meaning it hasn’t been found or just hasn’t been spammed much. Or Two: It’s very well moderated. Meaning it’s really hard to get your links on a thread. Some forums will put posts that contain any link, into moderation, and will not be public until a moderator approves it. So you really need to contribute useful content in order to get approved. Or it could mean that external links are just not allowed on the site. You’ll have to do some more digging and just try it out.

Go on the forum and create an account. Edit your profile and make it look as normal as possible, add an profile image, answer the profile questions, and try to add your signature with your links in it. I usually will always post a introduction post in the appropriate forum category to look more normal. Some forums won’t let you put a live link in your signature until you’ve been around awhile and have posted a certain # of posts. If you can’t put it in your signature – there’s a trick I use: It’s the fake signature trick. Go on the forum and see what the signatures look like. Usually there’s a line above the signature, below each post. So I’ll create a reply to one of the threads, and after the post, I’ll add my own fake link and then put my fake signature with my links in it below the line. Sometimes it works, sometimes the post will get moderated because there’s a link in the post. There’s a trick to that as well. You can create a reply, and put a “helpful” link to some other site with useful information about the topic somewhere in the post. It will get moderated because of the link, but hopefully the moderator won’t see your ‘other’ link that you have added. Your other link can be hidden, like create a hyperlink from a period at the end of the sentence – you can put your backlinks in places like that, and sometimes the moderator will see your “useful” link and not your other link and then approve the post.

I’ve gotten AMAZING links this way, many, many times. PR5 and PR6 links that people pay lots of money for, I get them for free, just by doing what I’ve explained above. These types of links are worth a THOUSAND un-ranked profile links you get from those Angela packets… Go ahead and get a link using the method above, and then use a tool (there’s online tools) that show you how much your backlinks are worth and you’ll see the difference. It’s worth it to take the time to do this type of promotion.

There’s tons of tricks you can do to try and get your links on these types of forums, so you’ll just have to use your imagination. Sign up to my newsletter because I’m going to be sending my subscribers some useful tricks like this.

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  • Ninjaman on May 25, 2010

    Nice post mate, some nuggets in here.

  • Columbus DJ on May 28, 2010

    Just recently bought Scrapebox and need all of the help I can get. Its not hard to use… but hard to use RIGHT! I’m bookmarking this post so I can use it to walk me through the process… thanks!

  • Nesians on July 24, 2010

    Great post, just purchased Scrapebox a few days ago and are struggling to get the most out of it but this is a good tutorial!

  • Jezza on July 27, 2010

    Nice post. I keep learning more about scrapebox and that helped a lot. Thanks

  • Lets Get Backlinks on July 28, 2010

    Nice tip, thanks, I am an proud new owner of scrapebox.
    I just don’t understand why I didn’t get scrapebox sooner than i did.
    Right now I’m collecting all kinds of tip and tricks to use with the Costum Footprint section in scrapebox.

    Thanks again

  • Tim,

    This is great advice. Just purchased scrapebox based on your recommendation. I have WAY too much software on my computer that I don’t use, but this one looks solid. Not complaining because I’m a full-time IM’er now, but just need to narrow down my tools to a few focused effective ones. This looks like it fits the bill.

    Anyway…I use Market Samurai on a daily basis and I’m guessing I will use this quite a bit as well.

    Found your site through the Warrior Forum from your signature :)



  • gMan on August 22, 2010

    I actually discovered this trick myself some days back as well. Now I am working towards a system to ensure these links stay once i post them to these forums.
    One thing, I am trying to find out is, how to get a list of all pages on a site. gives you like 1000 results only, I would like for a way to spider the entire site as such and pass it through the indexed checker and come up with a list of all indexed pages on that site. This will really help in getting to pages that other marketers miss out on.

    • Larceny on August 23, 2010

      Yeah – that’s actually something that’s lacking… It’s difficult to get an entire page list – unless you have a spider program of your own – or if the site has a sitemap – Scrapebox has a sitemap scraper where it will grab all urls that are listed in the sitemap and will actually crawl the internal links on those listed in the sitemap to get even more urls – however if there is no sitemap, Scrapebox will, like you said, only return 1000 results. You can increase this number by adding keywords with the scraping… try some general words or words related to the site and/or post titles – it might provide more results, though I’ve never tried this. You should look into a spider program. I believe there are some free ones for Windows..

  • william on September 8, 2010

    Thanks for the wondeful info here and Great advice. I Just purchased scrapebox based on your recommendation.
    Anyway… Having always used Market Samurai on a daily basis and I’m thinking to myself this ttol will probably take over from MS.



  • Vinoth on September 17, 2010

    Hey Larceny, I used to harvest high PR pages using my highly customized SEO foot prints & URL scrapers. I think Scrape Box can save me a lot of time and help me to focus on other work.

    @ Everyone ScrapeBox is available for a discount price at BHW forum. Make use of it ;-)

  • Sunny on September 22, 2010

    Nice post.

  • Richard on September 29, 2010

    Wonderful info on scrapebox and i will certainly be giving this one a try for sure.

  • Hamish on October 9, 2010

    Ive been tinkering with scrapebox too. It seems fairly easy to use but I was wondering if it would be worthwile paying for a few private proxies? Anyone here do that already?

    • Larceny on October 20, 2010

      Yep – I always have at least 20 private proxies being used.

  • Len on October 11, 2010

    I just came across this website while searching for something else and i must say that Scarpebox is a most useful tool and i would not know what i would do without this software now.

    Very good endorsements on the product here by all i feel, and this only shows how popular it is. :)

  • Andy Eaton on October 25, 2010

    Wow some great tips about scrapebox, I have had the software for ages, but struggled to use it to its potential but thanks to this post I’m going to try it out. thanks

  • Alex @ YourGoalBook on December 16, 2010

    Great post… Bought SB last week and have been struggling with it. This little guide was exceptionally helpful.

  • Shalahah on January 18, 2011

    I just got my SB last week. Initially, i was just blindly sending out mass comments on the fast poster. Slowly realised that its useless to do that. Did some research and found that SB is really very very useful. Especially with this article, it’s even better! thanks alot and appreciate that!

  • Garthala on January 18, 2011

    After reading this article, does it mean that it is really useless to create a user and add a signature in a high PR forum?

  • Smuze on January 20, 2011

    Really great post, I have been wondering about single page rank vs website pagerank, and your forum trick, I am going to try it right away

  • Submit your Web URL to Directory4Websites on January 25, 2011

    Great post on Scrapebox :)
    I have just bought today, trying to use the ‘hyjack others links’ method, but after reading your post I am wondering if that is worth the effot due to lots of OBL’s from spammed pages!

    I like the method of getting higher PR links from forums :)

    I will try your method out tomorrow :)

    Thanks for your help and tips with Scapebox

  • Matt @ free ps3 games on January 30, 2011

    Thanks. I have been constantly changing my mind on whether or not to buy scrapebox. I think after reading this it would be stupid not to. Thanks again.

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  • Seoarcher on January 22, 2013

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