Instant Social Anarchy Review

Instant Social Anarchy is another automation tool and as you can probably guess from the name – it’s about dominating social sites, specifically micro blog sites. I’m sure you know about Twitter, and those types of social sites – well, these are sort of like twitter clones. They mostly use the platform, as well as Revou. Basically, these are sites that let you easily create accounts and post your “updates” on them – limited to a # of characters (something like 140 or 160 characters) – just like Twitter. What’s different about these sites is that they are do-follow links. Naturally, they get abused and although there are some sites that are high traffic, high page rank… Most are not. But that’s okay – you’re here to get easy backlinks, and that’s exactly what this tool does for you, and it does it well.

The tool itself is extremely easy to use, very fast, and you can be well on your way to having hundreds of accounts and hundreds of posts within a couple hours of purchasing this program. It’s that quick!

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The strength of this tool (and it’s weakness) lies in the targets it’s exploiting ( and revou). They are extremely easy to spam – and I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon so I am guessing this tool has a long shelf-life. As you know, many tools that do things “too well” – end up ruining the very targets it’s exploiting because too many people take advantage of the loopholes – too quickly. You’ll see this happening all the time with Web 2.0 properties that tools like Senuke uses.. That’s one of the reasons programs like Senuke and SerpAssist are so expensive. The programmers need to stay on top of all the different platforms (there are a lot of them) and make changes when the platforms change. This is very time-consuming. However, sites have been around for awhile and have been spammed since the beginning and nothing has really changed. For example – the reason Instant Social Anarchy can create so many accounts so quickly is because it doesn’t have to verify the emails! (That little nugget was provided by a friend – Omgriffin) Here’s another tip: Do you know what other site doesn’t make you verify the email? TWITTER.COM — Yes, you see a warning at the top, but go test it out – having that warning message that you haven’t verified your email doesn’t prevent you from doing anything on Twitter. So they are just opening the floodgates for spammers to have their way, and that’s exactly what this tool does.

Let’s start by going through step-by-step – what you need to do to start utilizing this tool.

1. Create your project: First – you choose a project name. I typically will choose a name corresponding to the domain or niche I’m promoting. Then you select which networks to spam. The networks available right now are, Yonkly, Revou, Jisko, and Elgg. You also are able to add your Twitter username and password – I’ve never done this and I’m not positive on what it does (it obviously will post to Twitter but I don’t know how often or what it’s posting – in the documentation it mentions something about posting your affiliate links for Instant Social Anarchy here, but again, I don’t know what this entails.). You then select your Profile Template – this is basically just giving your profile a name and adding a bio or “about me” text. This is where you can put something like “I’m a stay at home mom working part-time on the internet”. You want to make it sound natural. After you select your template, there’s a checkbox to allow posting to explicit sites. What this means is that it will post to sites that are adult in nature (there are several sites that cater to adult subject matter). Depending on what you are promoting, you might not want to associate with this type of link so it’s up to you.. Next – Save your project.

2. Register Accounts - This is extremely easy (one of the best things about this program is that it’s quick and easy to use). Here, you choose “concurrent tasks” level which is just how many threads you want it to use. If you have an old computer, set it low, below 10. If you have a new(er) computer, set it to the max, 35 I believe. I set mine to the max – it goes much quicker then. Captcha Service – you can choose between 3 services I believe. And this part is a little strange. The user interface for this part is very annoying because it’s not very easy to tell how to select a different service. In the menu tabs at the top – there is a “Manage Anti-Captcha Services” menu option where it slides out the list of services. Although it doesn’t slide out all available services – only what’s default to be setup. So you have to CLICK on the menu option “Anti-Captcha Services” – and then, and only then will you be able to select a different service. I use Decaptcher, as it’s the cheapest I believe… Many other services are just white-labeling Decaptcher’s service anyhow and charging a premium for it. Go with the source I always say… The next part of the Register Accounts setup is the Link Pool. This is where you tell the program which urls to promote and what anchor text to use. You can upload a CSV file in this section – and it’s in this format:


So I would just create a text file with your text file editor, and write them out. HOWEVER – the platforms you are exploiting, they use link shorteners (like and you can argue that you won’t get the link juice that you would using normal anchor text links… So even though I don’t use this in my posts, it will pull this information when creating the accounts and using those links in your profile so you should still create a link pool.

The next step is optional – using custom usernames. If you don’t use a custom username, it will select a random set of characters (random letters) which looks really spammy and is not ideal for SEO purposes but it does so to make sure the accounts get created (using a username that’s already existent will make the program not create the account). The other reason you should use random usernames is that it leaves less of a footprint (ie – the SE’s won’t see all the same username posting a thousand links in one day). It’s up to you – I recommend using both. Ideally, the program will get updated so that you can spin the username. Until then, I’d try using both and see how your results compare. I haven’t done enough testing to say which way is better.

That’s it – just hit “Register Accounts Now” and it churns away, creating hundreds of accounts for you. It’s that easy.. Like I said before, there’s no email verification or anything. In less than an hour, you’ll have hundreds of accounts on several platforms.

3. Submit Your Post: Here is where you create a spun post. Just type in the post you want to write – remember there’s a limited # of characters, although I’m not sure what the limit is. Just think of Twitter when writing your posts. I recommend putting bare URLs as they turn into links anyways. This will get you better link juice then using a link shortener. Make sure you spin the URL so it’s not all posting to the same URL or site.

That’s really it… You can choose your link pool, and choose the # of threads (I would put it to the max but you may have to lower the # of threads if you are using an old computer), but other than that – it will log into your accounts and submit your posts extremely fast.

There’s two other features that this program will do for you – join groups and add friends. I have no idea how beneficial this is to your campaign. I have to do further testing.. But it doesn’t hurt – it makes the accounts seem more natural. It may increase your accounts’ lifespan but I don’t know that for sure. I checked some of the accounts that I had created and they did in fact have friends and joined groups – but when looking at the groups, they mostly looked like it was one or two memebers, and the rest were Instant Social Anarchy accounts so I highly doubt you’re going to get any increased traffic from this. In fact, I doubt you’ll see any traffic from these sites…

This tool is NOT going to get you to the top of Google. This tool will NOT bring thousands of visitors to your site. What this tool does is get you QUICK and EASY links – and it does so very well. These sites are pretty spammy and low quality. That does NOT mean they are worthless. In fact, this program is very good at getting your sites indexed. I have seen backlinks already showing in YSE from this and it’s only been a couple days so it does in fact work and it works quickly. These sites are constantly updated because of the nature of them, so they are spidered frequently – thus your links show up in the index very quickly. And the links you post will get indexed very quickly as well. I suggest running a campaign from Senuke or SerpAssist or Xrumer and then put those links through this program. You’ll see significant increase in indexing time – plus you add link juice to those links, making them more powerful.

Another good thing about this program is that it’s a one time fee. You pay once, and you don’t have to pay again. I’m not going to tell you that this tool is better than all the rest – that you should only get this tool and nothing else. In fact, quite the opposite. If you DON’T have any other tools – then I wouldn’t recommend this. As I am mainly using this to index URLS that get created from OTHER tools. If you use Xrumer, Scrapebox, SerpAssist, or Senuke – then this tool is a fantastic supplemental tool in your arsenal.


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14 Responses to “Instant Social Anarchy Review”

  • Larceny on July 27, 2010

    I’m doing a test to see how well this Instant Social Anarchy can help with indexation. I can’t provide the exact URLs because I’m testing with client’s sites but hopefully you will trust that I won’t skew the results in either way.

    I completed a run 2 days ago using SerpAssist.

    I have 21 total URLS, 5 of which are already indexed. The other 16 are NOT indexed as of 10 minutes ago.

    I’ve done one run of Social Anarchy – posting to 323 accounts across the 5 possible targets (606 accounts created). For whatever reason, only 323 posts were successful. I have verified several of them.

    I am not using the #link# technique – I used plain URLS and just entered all 21 URLS in spun format – so it would randomly choose one url to show in the post. I will create another set of accounts on each target and will use proxies if it has a problem creating the accounts (I think one target is having issues with mass account creation). I will then submit another round of posts using the same method and will post back here to see if further indexation has occurred.

    • Larceny on August 9, 2010

      UPDATE: A couple days after just ONE run of Social Anarchy, and 17 URLs are indexed. Of course, some of those would’ve probably been indexed regardless – so I’ll continue to test this.. But that’s actually pretty good results so far.. I’m trying to start a much larger test, however I’m having issues being able to import my own targets into this program (apparently there’s a bug and they are working on a fix as I write this). Once that gets fixed – I’ll start the test – as well as post how I imported my own targets and how I got those targets to begin with (hint: Scrapebox)…

  • Deb on July 30, 2010

    Instant Social Anarchy is time consuming when setting up your accounts, I spent about 3 hours typing in the captcha’s to setup accounts, the software read setting up 800 accounts of 1200 accounts but in the end only 60 accounts seem to register. Out of all of the four networks Status Net, Yonkly, Revou, Jisko, and Elgg networks (twitter clones) in the end of typing in all the captcha’s I ended up with around 60 accounts out of the 1,556 accounts listed. I put out a test message and most of the messages went out correctly, but the next day I only had one linkback according to the awstats program and other stats programs I ran. Just because they have a follow link doesn’t mean that the search engines will pick up the links. These linkbacks will not be revelant to my website subjects and the twitter clones have no PR ranking so good luck with that.

    • Larceny on July 31, 2010

      First of all – you should not be manually typing in captchas. Setup a decaptcher account so they get done automatically. This is in the documentation.

      Second of all – you should never check for backlinks the next day. These sites *DO* get indexed *VERY* well. As with ANY site, it takes a few days.

      Third – You should try using your own lists… The targets that came with this program are probably abused extensively and maybe taking actions to avoid this. I would use a tool like scrapebox, find a footprint for each target type and scrape your own list. You’ll get a higher success rate.

      That being said – this isn’t my program. I’m just a customer, like you.

      And of course, many backlinks I get are not relevant. Does this matter? I have plenty of stats and rankings that prove that it doesn’t. Yes, a relevant link holds more weight – but I always cringe when people think they should only get relevant links. You’re avoiding 90% of the links you could be getting, and really hurting your potential rankings.

      Social anarchy is anything but time consuming if you actually learn how to use it.

      But you are right about one thing – the PR value of these links aren’t very good which is why I specifically state in my review that this will NOT get you ranking on the first page of google and should only be used to supplement and/or index your other backlinking efforts.

      To be honest – if I tried a program and dumped it because of an experience like you had – I’d probably not end up using any programs whatsoever. My experience has been that the first couple times I use a program typically are nightmares. Take the time to learn something before you decide it’s worthless. At least, that’s what I do and has proved very helpful in my career as an internet marketer. I do very well because of programs LIKE this one.

  • Justin Lewis on July 31, 2010

    I just purchased the Instant Social Anarchy program and I can really see the potential of what this could really do. Also being the owner of the big programs like SEnuke and ScrapeBox I am seeing how strong this could potentially be. However my only issue is that while creating accounts I don’t really receive any “Success”. It literally says Success:0 almost every time. That’s using the Decaptcha services and without.

    I’ve only had the program since yesterday but usually I am fairly fast at understanding the basics. What really bums me out is that the actual readable guide is very short and doesn’t really explain too much about it. (although the video was in depth, words are easier to trackback)

    Thanks a lot for this review and may I ask, how do you use ScrapeBox along with this?

    Justin Lewis

    • Larceny on August 4, 2010

      Hi Justin, thanks for the comment. If you are having ZERO successes -then something is definitely wrong. Are you using proxies? Are you sure Decaptcher is working (you did set it up with decaptcher and not the other captcha services <– there are a few)? I've had limited success using the targets that come with the program – meaning they are getting hammered by all the social anarchy users and probably are limited account creation now. Using proxies seems to not make any difference at the moment – so I wouldn't use them. That will only lower your success rate at this time. What you need to do is use Scrapebox to get a fresh list of targets. Find a footprint for each type of target (I think there are 4 or 5 targets that Social Anarchy uses, right) – and then scrape the 3 search engines for new target lists using those footprints. Remove the duplicates and then add them to Social Anarchy. You'll get a much higher success rate then because you won't be using the same sites as all the rest of the users…

      I'm going to do another post soon – where I'll list the footprints I've used to create new, fresh target lists…. Keep on the lookout for this!

  • Earl Grey on August 15, 2010

    The 0 success lasted for about 12 hours.
    The mail server that verify the accounts went down.
    It was fixed quickly though.
    I have been running it for about 10 hours unattended and have over 18000 new accounts but i am feeding it fresh lists every day.

    • Larceny on August 23, 2010

      Hey Earl Grey, thanks for commenting. I have been having problems importing my own targets. Talked to support about it and they said the developer would look at it next week (that was a couple weeks ago). Do you know if this has been fixed? It wouldn’t let me even add one target manually…

  • Aravindh on November 26, 2010

    I saw you previous post abt using scrapebox to add new targets..
    I have both the products but do not know how to add new targets onto isa..CAn u help me with it??

    • Larceny on November 30, 2010

      Nope – ISA sucks, and will be taking down my “review” of this crappy product. I was never able to add new targets, due to extremely buggy software.

      Move on.

  • Sam on February 6, 2011

    9 weeks later, Larceny, this is still up. Still think it sucks, or did you have a change of heart? I bought it months ago, but never dug in…

    • Larceny on March 3, 2011

      YEah actually I do. and just haven’t taken it down. Will be today though.

  • Bookmarking services on March 16, 2012

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  • Alex Ollmann on September 10, 2012

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