Promoting Niche Sites

Promoting niche sites…

Basically – there’s a thousand different ways to go about this. Everyone will tell you something different. What I’m going to tell you is my basic guideline or map that I use, and I’ll go into more detail about specific strategies I mention here, in future posts. There’s a great resource – It basically states that Google likes to find your sites/posts from other sites – and when done right – you get more “juice” or “credit” then if they found your page by being pinged. This seems to hold true – because I employ these ideas in my basic strategies and it works every time. Some tools I use to help automate these processes are: Senuke, Slick Social (note: you can get a better price if bought through Warrior Forum), Scrape Box (a tool I use every day and highly recommend), Xrumer, and a few others.

First – know your keywords. I’m not going to delve into this right now. Rule of thumb for easy domination – Keep the competing pages under 50K (exact match) and don’t go too far below 500 searches a month. Of course, with more time, employees, more tools, etc, you could work on keywords much more competitive, but I’m just trying to keep this simple. A great tool to do a quick check on competition for particular keywords is Market Samurai (It’s good to use a tool like this, because the # of competing pages isn’t the only factor when judging how competitive a niche/keyword is).

Second – have your content ready. When promoting a niche/money site – here are some general rules I go by: any sites/links pointing to my money site directly will be using unique content. Now, do I do this every time? Nope. These are just some basic guidelines and sometimes I don’t always follow them 100%. It depends on my budget, the amount of time I have, etc.. If I’m working on one site/niche for that whole week, and I have unlimited budget (like if I’m doing work for a large client), then yes, I’m going to buy NUMEROUS unique articles to be written, all targeting specific keywords. If I’m just maintaining 10 sites I’ve had for a year already, no, I probably won’t stay true to all these rules. It just depends. They’re just guidelines… So let’s just assume I have a decent budget and will be concentrating on this one site. I’ll probably buy at least 20 unique articles. They will be targeted to probably 5-10 keywords I’ve already researched.

Third – So you have your keywords and your content. On the money site – you should have at LEAST ten unique, grade A articles, targeting your main keywords. Make sure you have your basic on-page SEO covered (ie. URL has the keyword in it, the title has the keyword in it, there’s an H1 tag with the keyword in it at the top of the page, the first paragraph as the keyword in it, etc.). Now for the promotion. What I do is a basic THREE-TIERED approach. The further away from my money site, the more automation and spamming I do. Note: When I say “spam” – I’m *NOT* talking about unsolicited e-mail. That is illegal, and I definitely do not do it and would never recommend it. It’s just not needed or wanted. So when I say spam – I just mean posting links on other sites with the intent to either directly promote another site of mine, or for the backlink juice I’ll get from that site. That’s it.

With the unique articles on your money site – if you have a plugin like Slick Social installed, your sites will already have some bookmarks/links pointing to them. If you don’t, it’s not a big deal – just make sure you do a few manual bookmarks to EACH url. And follow the rest of my strategy and you’ll be fine.

1st Tier Sites – These are sites that directly link to my money site. They can be anything, but the most valuable are sites that allow unique content (more than descriptions – preferably whole articles or blogs or more) with your anchor text links within the content. So for the first few days – I’ll create around 10 (it can be less, like 5 or it can be more, like 15) 1st tier sites each day… I’ll always include a digg post, a mixx post, a reddit post, and about 5-10 web 2.0 sites. Those web 2.0 sites can be anything… (,,,,, whatever) sometimes I like to use some tools that research what the pharma-spammers are using and see what’s working for them (Howie has a tool in his Black Hat is Back program that does this). But it’s not that important. Just get your unique content posted. For the most part (again, this is a loose guideline) – a site that’s directly linking to my money site, I usually do manually, meaning I don’t use an automation tool. I’ll basically create one 1st tier site for each of my unique articles/posts on my money site. And each one of those is targeting one specific keyword. This is important. Every web page you ever create, no matter where it is, should ALWAYS be targeting a main keyword.

2nd Tier Sites – These are sites that are promoting the 1st tier sites. You can use link wheels or just regular, normal one way links. Doesn’t really make much difference in my testing. So this is where I use SENuke. I’ll take a unique article – spin it usually using a tool like The Best Spinner, and have Senuke create more web 2.0 sites pointing to my 1st tier sites. I’ll basically just let it rip – I’ll do one run to each of the 1st tier sites I created that day. Now – depending on how much time I have, I might have it promote more than one 1st tier site at a time but the more OBLs (outbound links) there are on a page, the less the links are worth. Each run I do – it’s mostly just web 2.0 sites… Sometimes I’ll take the time to do the article sites, but usually not – because they’re more picky, some of them have to be approved, etc.. When doing these types of runs with SENuke – I won’t pay attention to the ones that don’t post. I don’t have the time.

Bookmarking and RSS – I’ll have Senuke bookmark both the 1st tier and 2nd tier sites. By now, I’ve run Senuke’s account creation module for bookmark sites so many times, I’ve got dozens of accounts on each of the bookmarking sites, so it’s okay.. I suggest you either outsource the account creation or have Senuke create dozens of them. It’s always good to have a bunch. Makes the links come from more than just a couple accounts and seem more natural. Another way to bookmark or “jiggle” the web is by using It’s a fast way to get your links bookmarked and out on the social sites.

3rd tier sites – This is where I get real spammy. These are the sites that are promoting the 2nd tier sites… These are your bookmark profile pages, more senuke runs that have spun or duplicate content promoting several 2nd tier sites throughout the article or at the bottom. Here, you can just try anything. I usually do a lot of profile creation (senuke has a web 2.0 profile spam module that I use). I create tons of profiles and point them to the 2nd tier sites… Make sure you record all these urls (I mean all of them, 1st, 2nd and 3rd tier sites). I don’t care about the content here… It can be full of links, duplicate content, the same as the 2nd tier sites… Whatever.. Link directories, profiles, pligg sites, guestbooks…

And Finally – The Spam – Here’s the fun part. This is where I take those 3rd tier links, and spam them to hell. I mainly use 2 programs for this part. Scrapebox and Xrumer. I’ll go into more detail with exactly how I perform these darker deeds, but for now – here’s some basics. With Scrapebox – I’ll take my main keywords, enter them into Scrapebox’s keyword harvest and have it create an even larger keyword list. Then I’ll have it harvest WordPress, and Moveable type sites (separately of course, you want to keep the lists separate because it doesn’t comment on both at the same time AFAIK). Once I have those lists, I’ll remove the URL dupicates… (I don’t remove the domain duplicates because I have a lot of proxies so it looks like it’s several different people from all over the world hitting them). Now I have my lists, I create about 10-15 completely different, but relevant to the keyword, comments. Then I take those comments and put them through The Best Spinner to get spun content. Then I just let Scrapebox rip – In the end, it will usually get several thousand CONFIRMED (I check with Scrapebox’s check links tool) links – which usually makes a few hundred to each url I promote. I generally only promote about 5-8 urls at a time. Otherwise the # of links is spread too thin to make as much difference. With Xrumer – I only promote my 3rd tier sites but I really let them have it. For the posts, I usually just write a paragraph or two of “useful” tidbits about the keywords I’m promoting… This is a whole discussion on it’s own though – so I’ll go into further detail in a future post (same with Scrapebox – I’ll write more details later).

Now you have an army of a network – in just one day (assuming everything was setup prior). You’ve created hundreds of sites/links, yet only 5-10 of them are directly linked to your site so you won’t really be getting “too many links at one time” (whatever that means). If you do this every day for a few months (you can lighten up as the days go on) – I *guarantee* your money site will be at a PR of 2 (assuming it was new) and hopefully will have made many sales by then. When I first started testing this technique, I literally started getting sales THAT DAY. That was an exception, but it DID happen. I hope this has helped. Like I said – I’ll be going into more detail about specific techniques, in the future. I just wanted to give a broad strokes idea of how I promote my niche sites.

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  • Bassman on April 7, 2010

    Very nice article mate..
    Great to see an actual campaign mapped out a bit for those of us that are newer at this lark.
    Thanks a lot, and i will be passing your site on to a couple of forums i go to.

  • medway on April 7, 2010

    nice write up larceny, im in the middle of starting my first linking campaign on this scale so was a great read to help solidfy my plan.

    about scrapebox though, it has an auto detect mode so you can mix up platforms now since 1.12.5

    looking forward to the xrumer info.

    • Larceny on April 9, 2010

      Thanks for that tip Medway! Scrapebox changes so frequently it’s hard to keep up. It’s really one of the best programs I’ve ever used in the IM industry. Constantly being improved, and easily updated. I’ll edit the post to reflect these changes.

  • Steve56 on April 8, 2010

    Good post from an exceptionally knowledgeable guy! I Always learn something new from Larceny and appreciate the time he takes to give away some of his “secrets”.

  • John on April 21, 2010

    Good info Larceny! thanks for the post and looking forward to your next!

  • crankitout on May 13, 2010


    Nice step by step article. I appreciate the clarity with which you write.
    It takes the complex process of promotion and makes it easy to digest.

    Well done.


  • Amy Dyslex on September 2, 2010

    Hey, It is really great to see a blog which delivers values for REAL and not just rewriting n rephrasing the stuff with zero value. I landed on your blog yesterday and since yesterday evening am sifting thru every post of yours…

    Great work!
    Keep it up…

  • Jay on September 20, 2010

    This information is going to be very interesting for my prjoect. Thanks a lot for your recommendations

  • AddFeeds on December 13, 2010


    I thought I drop a line here about a site I just launched. It is called… Not the best name I guess :)
    Anyways, it’s basicly a rss aggregator with a cool feature added. (At least I think so)
    It imports all the items from the feed in the database and creates your own RSS feed which you can then promote. In other words serves as a middle man and still gives you easy way to go to the next level.

    Hope you like it

  • proxy goblin on March 30, 2012

    I’ll immediately seize your rss feed as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly allow me recognise in order that I could subscribe. Thanks.

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