Scrapebox Methods

Scrapebox methods…

Here’s just a few methods I use with the fantastic tool – Scrapebox. Most of these methods are pretty basic, but sometimes just seeing exactly how it’s used by others, it puts it in a more clear perspective and allows you to take these ideas and replicate. Although I urge people to try and put your own spin on them. What I will discuss here, is by no means earth shattering, however these methods work, and work very well. One thing to keep in mind is that with Scrapebox (or any other automated spam tool) – I use private proxies for comment spam, and I’ll use at least 20 of them, but for other features like pinging, harvesting, and rss submitting, I’ll use the harvested public proxies because you can get so many. Also – make sure you know how many threads your private proxy provider allows you to use and adjust your connection settings in Scrapebox. Some companies will suspend your account and your connections won’t work if you go over the max # of threads/connections.

The obvious way to use Scrapebox is by automating comment spam, which it does very fast and very well (this post will stick to comment spam – I’ll talk about other functions of Scrapebox in future posts and in my newsletter). There are many ways to use comment spam to promote your promoters (I never mass comment spam directly to a money site). For the most part, I use 2 main methods. First – there’s the targeted method. It’s generally accepted that its better if you get links from related sites in your niche. How true that is, I don’t know but it seems logical that if you had links from authority sites in your niche, you would do better than if they were from sites that are completely not related. So taking this into consideration – the first method, the targeted method – we will harvest sites that have something to do with your niche and/or target keywords.

Basically, I’ll start out by harvesting wordpress blogs from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and AOL. There’s a lot more wordpress sites than Blog Engine or Moveable Type – and they work better/faster (although you find more unmoderated with the other two so it’s good to use those too). I’ll use my main keywords that I’m trying to dominate – but usually those are too specific to harvest enough sites, so I also throw in a bunch of more general, but RELATED keywords. The more keywords – the longer it will take to harvest, but this is a numbers game – you want to get thousands or hundreds of thousands of urls. The more the better, because many will be duplicates, many will be moderated and unless you write some amazing, on topic comments, they won’t get approved. That’s one benefit to doing a keyword/niche targeted campaign, because although there’s less targets, more comments are more likely to get successfully posted because you can write comments about the niche. If they are on topic with the blogs you are posting on, it’s more likely they get approved.

So harvest your blog list with targeted and general niche-related keywords. Hopefully you’ll get a nice big list. If not, use different but related keywords. Remember, this is just to get a big list of blogs, it doesn’t have to be the exact keywords you want to target. Then I’ll of course remove the duplicate URLs. Now – removing the duplicate domains depends on a few things – how well my comments are spun or how many comments I have, and also the # of proxies.. I remember doing a run a few weeks ago, where I actually spammed my own blog – FOUR times with four different posts… BUT when I was looking at the comments – they were from different IPs (from diff. parts of the country) and the names/emails were different, AND the sites that were being promoted were different, AND the comments were completely different (not only do I spin the comments using The Best Spinner – but I use LOTS of completely different comments). So it really looked like different people commenting on my site. So if you do spam the same site’s various blog posts – just make sure you are able to make it look different from each other. And this varies depending on how much time I have… So sometimes I’ll remove duplicate domains, sometimes I won’t.

About the comments used – this varies a lot with me as well. It depends on a lot of different factors: the amount of time I want to spend on this project (usually not a lot – remember, this is just mass comment spam!), whether I’m doing a targeted campaign, or whether I’m just going for lots of links, and so on. So for doing targeted campaigns – I use on topic comments – comments that have my keywords in them. Sometimes I’ll write a bunch myself (again, depending on how much time I want to spend), or sometimes I’ll do a method like comment extractors. When you use comment extractors – just remember to go over the list and remove the pointless ones (you’ll get them), remove the vulgar ones, remove the short ones, remove any with URLs, etc… Then I’ll take my comments and put them through everyone’s favorites in The Best Spinner. Then I put it up in Scrapebox and let it rip.

About the websites list in Scrapebox. This is the list of sites you are promoting. You don’t want to put too many URLS on there. You just won’t get the # of links per url to make it worthwhile. So it might mean you have to do a few runs, but that also gives you more/different blogs to spam (since you will harvest using other keywords) so it’s a good idea anyways. I always keep it under 10. But the # will vary depending on how many blogs I harvested. If I’m doing Blog Engine, or Moveable Type – there’s going to be a LOT less, so I’ll probably only promote a few (3). The other thing you have to keep in mind is Akismet and other tools like that will ban a URL from being promoted, so if you only put 1 URL in there – you probably won’t get a lot of successful posts because it will get banned (I don’t know how fast it bans a URL, but why push it). Or it may work fine that one run, but if you try to do more runs with that URL, they may not be as successful. Anyhow – it’s good to have a few urls promoted, but not too many.

About the names list – some people use the names generator to make it look more normal, and some use keywords since that is where the link will be on. If you use keywords, your success rate will go down. How much, I’m not sure, but it will definitely be less. I do both. I use the regular names, and keywords – and I mix up the list.. I definitely use more regular names than keywords though. With the emails – I have it create about 20 emails with one fake domain name, and 20 more with another fake domain name, and I do that about 3-5 times so that it’s not all using the same domain name. That’s another way it could block you and lower your success rate.

So now you have your targeted blog list, your website list, your names and emails and comment list. At this point – you can use the new blog analyzer to remove the bad urls (some of the harvested urls will no longer be pointing to a good page or site)… or you can let it rip.

That’s it for the targeted comment spam campaign. Now let’s go for the bigger numbers game.

There’s only really two big differences between the two..

First – it’s the keywords… This won’t be a targeted list. Targeted lists limit your scope. Here, we want to get the biggest blog list that you can. So you’re going to want to use VERY general keywords and you’re going to want to use a LOT of them. Remember – when scraping/harvesting Urls, you are limited to 1,000 results PER keyword. That doesn’t mean you can only get 1000 results, it means you can only get 1000 results for every keyword you scrape. So the more keywords, the more results – but if the keywords are too similar, you’ll get a lot of duplicates which is just wasting time. So you want to come up with a big list of varying, completely different keywords… Keywords like: celebrity, computers, entertainment, education, money, sales, sports, games, work, etc… Hopefully you get the picture. Come up with as many general keywords as you can. And you can have Scrapebox scrape more using those keywords to get more, but just remember that it will produce more duplicates that way – but you will get a little more. Using those types of keywords, you will get a LOT of blogs to spam.

Second – the comments. Since you aren’t targeting a specific niche, it’s hard and/or pretty much impossible to come up with on-topic comments since you are spamming such a broad selection of blogs and niches.. This is where you want to stroke the blog author’s ego.. I always mix it up – I include comments related to my niche I’m promoting because a lot of blogs aren’t moderated and the comments will get through so you might as well have your keywords in the content. But on moderated blogs, those probably won’t get approved since it’s probably not related to the blog post. So I mix it up. I’ll use pretty generic comments, talking about how great the post is (you can now add things like %BLOGTITLE% to the comments and it will put the page title there – its good to make it look like you are actually writing the comment), etc.. There’s two schools of thought on this – come up with really ingenious comments that will get approved, or just put whatever, keyword stuff, and a bunch of links since only the unmoderated sites will allow them.. I try to do both.

Third – depending on the size of the list you harvest, you can add more sites to the website list. If you have a huge list, you might want to because of the sheer volume of comments you’ll get. If you get 5000 links to a Squidoo lens, you might get complaints, your lens might get deleted, or the links might get discounted due to the speed and volume of your link velocity.

That’s it for now. I hope this was helpful. I’ll definitely be writing about some more methods on how to use Scrapebox, in the future… (or I might save them for my newsletter subscribers, so don’t forget to sign up! :) )

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34 Responses to “Scrapebox Methods”

  • Jim on August 15, 2010

    Thanks, I just bought sandbox myself :) i’ll give your tips a go!

  • Exit Signs on September 23, 2010


    I bought scrapebox a few days ago and have been studying up on advanced uses for the tool.

    You touched on some areas that I haven’t seen other people address so thanks for that.

    Have one question though: Is it possible to use scrapebox to scrape a directory site?? Or is it only for search engines.

    If you can’t can you suggest a tool that I can use to scrape a directory?

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Larceny on September 25, 2010

      Well – the term “scrape” has a lot of meanings so I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve. However, if you mean – scrape it to get a list of urls that are in that particular site, yes it can do this in a few different ways.

      You can put (as the footprint): site:

      And then just use Google as the search engine. There’s one problem with that – it’s only one query, so only one thread – so make sure you aren’t using a blocked proxy or IP (it will provide no results if the IP you are using is temporarily banned from Google). The other problem is that it will only return a max of 1000 results. So you can add keywords to it – use a word list, and/or numbers.. this will increase the results however there will be many duplicates so de-dupe it of course.

      The other way to do it – is to use Scrapebox’s sitemap scraper. It looks at the site’s sitemap and even crawls links it finds on the pages listed in the sitemap (in case their sitemap is outdated). If the site has a sitemap – this method will get you better/more results. I believe it is an “add-on” tool so you’ll have to install it within scrapebox.

      Hope this helps!

  • agencja interaktywna kraków on September 30, 2010

    I use this program about 7 days. I think that is one the best program of SEO.

    Best regards, Mark

  • OPL on October 6, 2010

    Thanks for the great advices.

  • bob on October 7, 2010


    I’ve red your great post on the scrapeboxforum

    I have a quick question about ScrapeBox and proxies:

    You said “So with proxies – my success rate goes up by at least 85%.”

    Are’nt your urls blacklisted?

    Tell me if I’m wrong

    Akismet detects the IP, the url (the link to promote your site) the name and email.

    For the name and email it’s easy.

    For the IP and the url I wonder how many posts or how long it takes for Akismet to blacklist the IP and the url.

    So my question is:

    to get a good success rate

    -How many private proxies and wich ones because the free ones are almost all blacklisted.(private proxies get also blacklisted)

    -Do you use differents urls to avoid your url being blacklisted (how many or how often)?
    and if so how do you do that?

    Thank you for the your output.

    Is your success rate still at least 85%.?

    • Larceny on October 7, 2010

      Well – yes, proxies are just another IP which can be blacklisted just like any other one. I generally will go through 30-40 proxies in a month, and will have to buy news one to replace them. You’ll need to find a provider that allows you to switch them out every month (which is rare) or you can setup several servers/hosts that you can have multiple IPs from and use those IPs by setting up your own proxy solution. I can’t really recommend any services though. Just do some research, try them out and see how long they last – find out if you’re able to get new ones to replace them..

      • bob on October 7, 2010

        Thanks for your answer,

        What about the urls?

        Do you use differents urls to avoid your url being blacklisted (how many or how often)?
        and if so how do you do that?

        Thank you

        • Larceny on October 8, 2010

          Well – I typically only do one run for a group of urls, so some might get blacklisted… but I don’t really know.. I do know that MANY get approved and work fine. So since I’m not repeatedly spamming the same urls, it’s not really a problem. I normally only spam web 2.0′s that I only use once for backlinks anyhow.

          One thing you can do is to buy some cheap .info domains and have them redirected permanently to your site you are promoting.. Then you can use the .info domains, and when one gets blacklisted, just switch to the other one and make sure you don’t auto-renew the domain or use it for another purpose (I use my domains that are not bringing in money, for linkfarms..)

  • tara on October 8, 2010

    I want to buy Scrapebox, and my friends tell me the price is 57 dollars,but now it is 97 dollars,just want to know the price is up or get a wrong info from my friends!

  • Gold ETF on October 12, 2010

    I just bought Scrapebox a few days ago and still haven’t really dug into what it can do. This article helps a lot. Thanks!

  • Ron on October 20, 2010

    I’m just diving into the SEO world. How can this software help a house cleaning service like mine? I apologize in advance for the question because this software probably makes total sense to most of you here.

    • Larceny on October 20, 2010

      Well – it basically helps you spams lots of blogs (like you just did :)

      (amongst other things)

      So you would typically post to web 2.0 sites… with links to your website. Then you take those web 2.0 sites you just created and put them into scrapebox and spam other blogs with links to those sites (so you don’t have all those links directed at your main site).

  • proxygo on October 27, 2010

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    regards proxygo

  • Brett Williams on December 22, 2010

    Thanks for the good read…

    Does it help to ping your own website using SB to show as if there is more traffic going to the site? Would that help your rankings in search engines?

    • Larceny on March 3, 2011

      I doubt it would do that much for your rankings (if anything at all).

  • kullan on December 22, 2010

    Theses are basic methods :) I dont’t know how to harvest article direct sites ,can you teach me ???

  • Paul on January 5, 2011

    Thanks for the writeup. I just bought scrapebox a few days ago and getting the hang of it. Trying to determine whether to use as a spam machine or just a scraper.

  • Guarrgja on January 17, 2011

    It’s really not easy to use scrapebox. I have been posting links and it shows success. But somehow, these links seems not to be registered. Anyone to help?

  • david m kilmer on March 4, 2011

    Okay i am VERY new to scrape box .When i use the ping option when the process is complete does it produce a log or am i doing something wrong ?
    where can i find a tutorial for SB ?

    • Larceny on May 25, 2011

      There’s no log – because all it’s doing is pinging the urls.

  • Ali on March 31, 2011

    I think the above post with the tale from his Adobe manager is a very cleverly written spam comment. I very good one though.

    Let me google it.

    Aha.. Very cleverly spun too. It took me a while to find it, but google “Adobe one time shared”.

    Clever boy.

    • Larceny on May 23, 2011

      Yes – you are correct ;) Thanks for the heads up, gotta clean up this blog a bit…

  • James on May 24, 2011

    I know you typically want keywords but is a link from a PR 4 site still good with out keywords?

    Only reason I am asking is because I have found a few dofollow sites that auto approve if you don’t put a name in the comment – only a website/url. It shows up as Anonymous, but it’s a link.

    My thoughts are a link is a link – especially from a PR 4 page!

    • Larceny on May 25, 2011

      Yes – most definitely, a link from a PR4 page is very good. It’s much better to get a PR4 link – with no keyword anchor text… then a keyword anchor text link from a PR0 or PR1 or PR2.

      The priority is always to get the link. Secondary would be to try for keyword anchor text.

  • Markus on July 11, 2011

    Very informative blog post about scrapebox. Helped me immensely.

  • Casas para Alugar on August 9, 2011

    Well.. what can I say?! Great post..
    I have no more doubts, and with the U$57 tip above I just bought it.

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