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I’ve mentioned the program Synnd before. It’s a program hosted on their servers, that allow you to utilize tens of thousands of their members’ social site accounts, such as numerous bookmark sites, Digg, Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Article directories, Stumbleupon, and much more. You create campaigns such as bookmark campaigns, where you add spun titles, urls, descriptions and tell it how many bookmarks you want per day, and it will automatically use random bookmark accounts from all their users to bookmark your sites. There’s many different types of campaigns you can utilize. Another example would be to have your Digg submission voted on by hundreds of users, and even comments are added. This gets you enormous spikes in traffic if you’re in the right type of niche for Digg users.

Synnd is not really a “backlink tool”. It’s a “social presence” tool. All the social activity a site receives, actually is part of search engine algorithms. This is becoming more important, and a bigger ranking factor every day. If a site continues to get bookmarks, stumbles, diggs, twitter mentions, etc.. every day – the search engines will take these as a “vote” of popularity, and thus will rank it accordingly. Because these social accounts (that are utilized by Synnd) are bookmarking, and commenting on SO MANY different types of sites – it’s more likely to NOT be considered as “gaming” the system, since they aren’t all voting for your site, they’re posting about thousands of different sites all the time, like a normal user would.

Synnd has many subscription levels, and there’s a newer one called “Synnd Lite“. It lets you use their system without paying a lot of money – so you can see the positive effect it has, and can get used to their system without spending a lot of money. There’s a webinar that I think you should check out. It explains the importance of social media and why you should utilize it.

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