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Senuke X and BHSeos

So Senuke X has launched. BHSeos.com is doing a promotion with Senuke X. We’re offering 4 months free of BHSeos.com subscription. This is unique, because BHSeos.com is not open to the public – it’s $50/month however it’s a closed forum, not open for new registrations (there’s a waiting list though). So right now, the o...

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BHSeos Is Closing Tomorrow

Just a warning: BHSEOS.COM IS CLOSING TOMORROW!  WEDNESDAY, DEC. 1st, 2010. Sign up today at $50/mo or you’ll have to be put on a waiting list and wait for someone to cancel their subscription (which never happens). http://bhseos.com/register.php ...

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Backlinker – Another New Tool From BHSeos.com

A new backlink tool is now available, exclusively for BHSeos.com members only. It’s called Backlinker (yes, the name is VERY creative) and this tool is very, very cool. Backlinker is a very easy to use tool that can generate thousands of backlinks very quickly. You give it a list of links and keywords (or it ... ...

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