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Footprints for Instant Social Anarchy Targets

Instant Social Anarchy (to be called “ISA” from now on) is a program that utilizes (ie. spams) social sites that are twitter clones, or micro-blogging services. Basically, you can easily create multiple (read: hundreds of) accounts very quickly – and then post your micro-blogs or blurbs which generally contain/promote a URL. Most ...

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Finding Footprints For Scrapebox

Okay – so you finally got Scrapebox (you don’t have it?? Get it NOW!).. Now you need to get large lists of targets for either your Scrapebox comment runs or for any other purpose or program. In a future post – I’m going to be writing about how I scraped new targets for Instant Social ... ...

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Finding High Page Rank Pages Using Scrapebox

You all know I’m a big fan of Scrapebox. What I like about it, is that it’s not just a spamming machine (although it does that so well). It’s like a Swiss Army Knife for internet marketers. There’s other tools that try to do too much, and usually they fall flat on their face, but ... ...

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Scrapebox Methods

Scrapebox methods… Here’s just a few methods I use with the fantastic tool – Scrapebox. Most of these methods are pretty basic, but sometimes just seeing exactly how it’s used by others, it puts it in a more clear perspective and allows you to take these ideas and replicate. Although I urge people to try ... ...

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Finding Comments To Use With Scrapebox

So one of the ways I promote my promoters (which is getting backlinks to sites that either directly or indirectly link to your money site) is by using a comment spamming program. I’ve been using Scrapebox lately, but there are some other good ones, like UWCS (Ultimate WordPress Comment Spammer – which I hear is ... ...

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